FEMALE entrepreneurs are teaming up support each other.

Halton Chamber of Commerce recently re-launched its Women in Business network.

Women, who either run their own companies, or work in Halton, attended a network meeting at Halton Women’s Centre in Pendennis Court, Castlefields.

Organiser Estelle Rowe said: “I wanted to organise a network meeting in an inspirational place, where we could hear about other women’s stories and at the same time support the charity financially.

“Some of the women had never been to a business network meeting before and commented on how friendly, supportive and helpful it had been.

“It was a fabulous morning with lots of contacts made and future business potential explored.”

Pam Arnold, chief executive of the Relationships Centre gave an inspirational talk.

Some women were pampered in a hair and beauty salon by Riverside College students and volunteer therapists.

Halton Womens Centre provides a safe setting and a range of services to inspire and motivate women of all ages.