A VIDEO explaining radical welfare benefit changes has raised £4,500 for Halton Haven.

The video was produced by Halton Housing Trust, Halton’s biggest landlord, to explain how new Government policy will reduce the benefits of thousands of tenants across Runcorn and Widnes.

It has generated 2,440 views on YouTube and generated more than 30 enquiries from housing associations across the country, keen to replicate its key messages.

For example, 3,128 residents living in homes with spare bedrooms will have to pay a ‘bedroom tax’.

Thousands more will have to pay council tax for the first time as Halton Council loses £1.4 million in funding.

The video uses animated graphics in a clear and compelling way, spelling out to tenants how they could be affected by the changes, many of which come into force in April 2013.

Anna Lambert, trust communications manager, said: “We decided to allow other housing associations to tailor the video to their organisation and customers if they donated £500 to Halton Haven Hospice.

“The hospice carries out fantastic work within Halton and we are keen to help them wherever we can. We hope to raise even more money through the video in the next few months.”

Hospice fundraising manager, Ciaran Clotworthy, said: “This is such an innovative way of creating funds for the hospice. We are grateful to the trust for their support and tireless efforts to enable the hospice to continue to deliver our special kind of caring.”

Ed Cox, managing director of Reason Digital, who produced the video, said: "We are really proud of the interest this infographic is generating, especially given the importance of the Welfare Reform Bill and how many people it will affect. Its success also highlights the importance of using innovative ways to communicate complex information. But perhaps the most powerful part of this work is that it continues to help raise funds for the hospice to do their life affirming work.”

You can view the video on YouTube via the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsSgiggqDtY.