YOUNG readers in Halton are using twitter to help a top national author promote libraries.

Writer Malorie Blackman has published more than 50 children’s books, including novels and short story collections.

She has also written television dramas and a stage play for children and young people.

Malorie has used science fiction to explore social and ethical issues.

She has spearheaded a campaign to publicise the work young people do in libraries and says she could never have become an author without her library.

She was famously mentioned in the lyrics of ‘Written In The Stars’, a song by Tinie Tempah that reached number one in the UK singles charts.

Volunteer Ryan Burns, aged 17, from Lunts Heath, Widnes, organises events for young people in libraries across Halton.

He travelled to the Freeword headquarters of The Reading Agency, with Halton Council librarian, Maria Hardie.

They joined other MyVoice volunteers from across the country for a debate on the effects last year’s riots had on young people.

He said: “It was tremendous to meet Marlorie and it really inspired me to make a difference in my own area.

“We are running events and activities to encourage teenagers to take up or improve on their reading for pleasure.”

Ryan and other teenage volunteers are now tweeting about the events they organise on He helped with the summer reading challenge for younger children and various other activities.

Malorie signed Ryan’s book and offered to read one of his short stories and give him some writing advice.