LONDON 2012 is set to leave a lasting legacy for Halton children.

It is hoped the Olympics will inspire youngsters to copy their quest for fitness.

Fit 4 Life is a free healthy lifestyle programme run by Halton’s health improvement team for children aged four to 13, who are overweight.

Vikings community coaches will encourage youngsters to take part in fun exercise sessions at Stobart Stadium in Widnes.

They will learn about healthy eating and get the chance to try healthy snacks.

Parents will also pick up useful hints and tips they can use to encourage children to eat more healthily and become more active.

Families are taught how to reduce their portion sizes and eat a healthier diet.

The weekly evening sessions run for six weeks.

Chelsea Booth, who recently completed the course with her six-year-old daughter, Chloe, said: “Chloe was always on the higher percentile when it came to weight. She didn’t look big to me. She was 6, but I had to buy her clothes aged 7 to 8 which I didn’t like. “Even Chloe was self conscious about this.

“I was looking for ways to manage her diet better. Chloe was dubious at first but I could hear a lot of laughter from the children’s room.

“All children know sweets are bad for you but they don’t know why. This has helped Chloe understand.”

She said children don’t realise they are exercising because they are having so much fun.

For further details, call Halton’s health improvement team on 0300 300 0103 or have a chat with your G