A RETIRED scaffolder enjoyed something of a busman’s holiday as he absailed down a cathedral for charity.

Tom Whitfield, from Murdishaw, scaled down the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool in the name of the Clatterbridge Hospital.

The 65-year-old said: “I absolutely love heights! I’m known as Tommy Tarzan because I used to swing round scaffolds.”

He had seen the opportunity advertised in the paper and completed the challenge on Friday. He is hoping to gather up donations over the next few weeks and hopes to raise between £200 to £300.

Mr Whitfield said: “I’ve always done a lot for charity, especially now since I’ve retired and have more time on my hands, any worthy cause, I’m willing to help.”

Over the years he has completed 16 marathons and 93 half marathons all in the name of different charities, as well as a number of other fundraising events.

His next escapade, and third charity event this year, will be to sail the Tall Ships as they come into Liverpool from their voyage from Dublin.

Mr Whitfield asks anyone who knows and wants to support him to meet him at the Albert Dock, on September 1, as he sails on the tall ships as their journey from Ireland comes to an end.