A BURGLAR posing as a water board official tricked his way into a house in Runcorn.

A man aged 40-50-years-old asked a householder to turn on their taps to let the water run.

He then suggested flushing the downstairs toilet and holding the lever down.

Whilst he kept the occupier busy, he sneaked into the lounge.

It was only after he left, that the householder realised cash had been stolen.

The thief was wearing a grey anorak and dark trousers.

He called at the house in Runcorn at around 10.45am on Tuesday, August 7.

Residents are reminded never to let any strangers into their properties.

Should you receive an unexpected visit from someone, check the caller is who they say they are by checking their identification.

If you are in any doubt, refuse to let them in and call Cheshire Police on 101.