ANGRY Widnes residents claim a proposed scrap metal recycling centre beside their homes in Ditton could destroy their community.

They fear noise from machinery will disrupt their lives and 100 lorries a day driving in and out of the site could pose a safety risk for children.

European Metal Recycling wants to open a £3 million recycling centre, creating 18 new jobs on land off Everite Road.

Gran Carol Green, aged 69, of Wyncroft Road, whose home backs onto the site, said: “Our biggest concern is the crashing and crunching of cars.

“They say they are going to build a wall and plant trees but how is this going to stop all the noise?

“We are practically on top of it. We won’t be able to sit in our garden.”

Her neighbours have joined forces to write to Halton Council and object to the plans.

She said: “There are three schools nearby and a new housing estate across the road.

“We believe 100 wagons will be going back and to every day.

“We’ve got human rights. I can’t understand how this can be allowed in a residential area. It should be on an industrial estate where it won’t disturb people’s lives.

“We’re angry. We don’t want it here and we will do everything possible to stop it.”

The company held public exhibitions last week and reassures residents the centre will not cause noise or pollution.

Ian Nixon, EMR group land manager, said: “There will be no metal mountain here.

“Our work is subject to strict controls to reduce noise levels and prevent pollution.

“A wall designed to look like a building, combined with tree planting, will help to shield any views of the site from properties to the rear of the site.”

EMR withdrew a previous planning application in May and says it has altered its current bid to take into account residents’ concerns.