A COURAGEOUS university student who has beaten cancer twice is now fundraising for breast cancer research and campaigning for younger women to be screened.

Runcorn mum-of-three Clare Molyneux, aged 33, was diagnosed with breast cancer last October.

Clare, of Saltash Close, Brookvale, said: “It was strange. I had pain in my right breast, not the usual symptoms.

“I went to the doctor. They did a scan and biopsy. It all happened so quickly.

“Everything who cared for me was fantastic.”

Clare, who is studying for a combined language and literature degree at Liverpool Hope, had surgery to remove the tumour.

During chemotherapy, pain returned in the same breast, and doctors found a cyst and more cancer so she decided to have both breasts removed.

Clare said: “I had a bilateral mastectomy. I have three young children. Going in and out of hospital is not ideal.

“Doctors and nurses in the Delamere Centre at Halton Hospital were the nicest I have met in my life. My consultant was fantastic.

“I will have reconstructive surgery. They use muscle from your tummy, so it is all natural.”

She said she couldn’t have got through it without the support of her husband, Graham, a cab driver, and her, mum, Pat Jones.

Clare told her children, Holly, aged 14, Katie, aged 12, and John, aged six.

Clare said: “It is a shock, you do worry. But the best thing is to tell the truth.

“Before the chemo, I shaved my head and took the mickey out of myself to make it more fun.

“I tried to keep things positive.

“The scary thing was that whilst I was having treatment, another two women of similar age to me from Runcorn were going through the same thing.

“Until you are 50, you don’t get screened.By then, it can be too late.”

“I would urge all women to check their breasts on a regular basis. If me getting this saves someone’s life, it will all be worth it.”

Clare is organising a strawberry tea party with her cousin, Alison Tildsley, aged 32, at Trinity Church, Halton Village, on Saturday, November 17, from 12 noon to 3pm.