LITTLE Molly Kenwright is preparing to make her stage debut - in a pram.

She is only eight-months-old but has joined a drama group and is rehearsing for a variety show at The Brindley in October.

Her parents, Tracy, aged 42, and Gareth, aged 32, only found out she had Down’s Syndrome after she was born.

They were relieved to discover Halton Speakout, a self advocacy group which helps and supports to young people with disabilities to lead independent lives.

Molly has joined the Ella performance group which rehearses at Castlefields Community Centre on Tuesday evenings, from 6pm to 8pm.

Tracy, of Ivy Street, Runcorn, said: “This group has been a godsend to us.

“When you have a disabled child, there is no help out there, you have to find it yourself.

“It’s been great for Molly to have so many positive people around her.”

Molly was born with two holes in her heart and had to have surgery.

Tracy said: “She is a fighter.

“She is lovely, very confident for her age.

“She is not clingy. She is always laughing and very sociable. She doesn’t mind going to new people.

“We don’t want to wrap her in cotton wool.

“This group has shown us that Molly can achieve anything. She may need a little bit of extra help. We are willing to put the time and effort in.”

Travy was so inspired by Downs Syndrome group members, Laura Green, aged 24, who set up a jewellery business, and Leah Jones, aged 29, who released a CD of her own song, she has invited them to be Molly’s godparents.

Molly’s dad is having his back waxed at a fundraising quiz night for Halton Speakout, on Friday, August 17, at 7.30pm in St Michael’s club. Ditton in Widnes. Raffle tickets for John Bishop’s show will be sold.

Tickets for Molly’s show, ‘The Sound of Ella’ on October 27 and 28, can be booked at The Brindley.