PERCHED on top of Mount Snowdon, a Runcorn hairdresser got out her scissors and did a hair cut.

Paula Robinson trimmed her sister-in-law Adele’s hair as part of a charity climb to raise £500 for The Delamere Centre cancer unit at Halton Hospital.

To top it all, they watched in amazement as the Red Arrows flew by - beneath them!

Paula, aged 30, of Arley Drive, Hough Green, said: “It was absolutely amazing.

“We were higher than the Red Arrows when they came past. It was really exciting.”

Adele, aged 29, lives in Downside, Hough Green.

Paula, a trained hairdresser, works with adults with learning disabilities at Altered Image in Granville Street, Runcorn, a project that helps improve their skills and confidence.

She is a support worker for Halton Council’s Halton Day Services, and loves her job.

Paula said: “It is the most fantastic job. To create more learning experiences and encourage the independence of adults with disabilities is very rewarding.”

Paula was inspired to scale the 3, 560 Welsh mountain after learning about the cancer centre from volunteer Edna Ashton, a salon client.

The Delamere Centre provides support for cancer patients and their families.

Paula said: “We wanted to be challenged. We got up Snowdon in 1hr 53 minutes.

“I’m still hurting now and full of midge bites.

“The fun bit was doing a hair cut. My sister-in-law sat on the ground and I knelt around her. Her grandad sponsored her and said he wanted me to save her hair.

“It was a proper trim, with scissors and a comb.

“She was made up with her hair cut.”