A HEALTHY newborn baby suddenly stopped breathing at Asda in Widnes, an inquest heard on Wednesday.
Frantic efforts to save the life of 29-day old Jacob Alan Shepherd-Handforth, who collapsed yards from his home in Frederick Street, were described by witnesses.
His distraught parents, Laura Handforth and Mark Shepherd watched anxiously as supermarket staff gave him the kiss of life, on Wednesday, November 30, last year.
Asda first aider Peter Ellis, of Claremont Drive, Widnes, revived the boy with mouth the mouth resuscitation as his colleague, Gaynor McKeown, of Heath Road, Widnes, held the baby in her arms.
Peter, a first aider for 30 years, said: “There was no sign of life. The baby was whitish to blue, very cold to touch.
“There was a large crowd around. I just focussed on the baby.
“The baby breathed out and moved his arms and his body.”
Jacob was taken to Whiston Hospital and transferred to intensive care at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.
Top medics and paediatric consultants described how they spent seven hours in each hospital battling to save his life.
Despite their painstaking efforts, Jacob rapidly deteriorated, suffered a cardiac arrest, fell into a coma and died the following day.
Alder Hey consultant paediatric pathologist, Joe McPartland, said: “There was no evidence of pneumonia or bronchilitis. I didn’t find any evidence of congenital abnormality.
“The cause of his death is unclear. It is unascertained.”
His mum, Laura, who had recently lost her sister, told consultants: “I want to thank you all for everything, the level of effort that went into Jacob’s care.
“The level of care that went into trying to save him was tremendous.”
Dr Janet Napier, deputy coroner for Cheshire, said: “This was a very sad situatiion, a perfectly normal baby that was healthy and had no problems feeding suddenly collapsed.
“Everyone worked very hard. It was terribly impressive, a whole range of specialists did their utmost to help him.
“It all happened very quickly. I would like to thank the staff at Asda. You were very helpful.
“It must have been a horrifying time for everyone.”
She recorded a verdict of natural causes .