A WOUNDED Runcorn soldier who lost the use of his arm in Afghanistan is raising funds to create a memorial for fallen comrades.
Cpl Mark Tonner is joining forces with four members of the Mercian Regiment to march 150 miles from Catterick Garrison to Chester.
Their four day marathon will take them through Widnes and Runcorn on Thurday, July 26, when they hope local residents will come out to support them.
Dad-of-four, Cpl Tonner, aged 29, from Preston Brook, said: “This is for the lads, we are doing it for them.
“We lost 12 on tour and two since we have come back.
Cpl Tonner was injured in a bomb blast in 2010 and is unable to join the battalion’s next deployment in September.
He has only very limited use of three fingers and hopes surgery will restore some movement in his right arm.
“I wanted to do my bit. It’s my way of saying thank you to the battalion for all the help they have given me.
“We haven’t got anything to remember our lads, a place where families can come.
“This memorial will be massive, something that stands out and will be respected.”
Runcorn Colour Sgt Martyn Horton, aged 34, who was killed in June 2010, will be among those honoured.
Dad-of-three, Col Sgt Ian Wilson, aged 33, from Brookvale, said: “It means a lot to us.
“If people come out and support us, it will help to keep us going.”
Cpl Sean Mills from Runcorn, Captain John Elms, and Warrant Officer Billy Budworth make up the team.
You can follow their progress on the 1st Battalion Mercian Regiment (Cheshire) Facebook page.
To donate visit www.justgiving.com/mercianmarch22