RECYCLED plastic bottles, glass jars and paper, metal and cardboard have enabled children to develop exciting projects.

Grants worth almost £5,000 have been awarded to Halton schools after local residents donated their recyclebank points to the green schools programme.

St Basil’s Primary School in Hough Green has received a grant worth £900.

Year five pupils exploring the topic of ‘our beautiful world’, plan to start their own litter pick campaign.

Head teacher Win Douglas said: “It has been a pleasure to see how enthusiastic the children have been about the environment.

“Having studied some of the issues, they are really keen to do get involved and do their bit.

“We believe working with the community will empower the pupils to see themselves as key players in leading change and improving their local community.

“We hope this initiative will promote a stronger community as we work together to clean up the area.”

St Chad’s School in Runcorn received £600 to improve their recycling facilities.

Recyclebank’s director of marketing & communications, Rob Crumbie said: “Residents have been incredibly generous in donating over 300,000 recyclebank points to help these two schools meet their grant objectives.