A CONTROVERSIAL new scheme to see what is going in your bin has been launched in Widnes.

The ‘Big Brother’-style plan will see microchips fitted in blue bins.

More than 10,000 homes have been invited to opt into a free, voluntary reward scheme by having the chip fitted. Those who take part will earn vouchers in exchange for recycling.

It is the first scheme of its kind in the north west and was launched in Lynton Crescent, Widnes, this week.

Clr Phil Harris, board member for recycling at Halton Council, said: “It’s in everyone’s interest to decrease the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

“Our overall goal is to increase household recycling in a way that is easy and convenient.”

More than 100 local and national shops, restaurants, leisure and entertainment facilities have signed up for savers to redeem their rewards.

Householders can earn an average of £135 in vouchers per year by recycling paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and cans.

Residents in seven wards chosen to pilot the scheme have already had their blue bins fitted with a unique ID tag.

They will only be activated if householders decide to join the scheme, after receiving letters explaining how to register.

American company RecycleBank has teamed up with Halton Council to run the scheme.

People living in Daresbury, Grange, Heath, Halton Castle, Broadheath, Hough Green and Halton View have been chosen to take part in the pilot, which runs for the next six months.