A HOSPITAL charity is appealing for support to refurbish the children’s unit at Runcorn Urgent Care Centre.

More than 15,000 youngsters were treated at the unit inside Halton Hospital last year.

Warrington and Halton Hospitals’ (WHH) Charity hopes to win funding as part of the Aviva Community Fund 2017, which gives people the opportunity to secure funding for causes that matter to them.

WHH Charity is relying on your votes to increase their chances of being awarded up to £10,000.

The project seeks to redecorate the existing environment, as its clinical appearance can be particularly unsettling for a child who is already distressed due to being unwell.

The charity’s vision is to create a more inviting and engaging environment for all children using the hospital’s services.

They hope to revamp the area with bright, hand-painted murals featuring dinosaurs, spaceships and fun characters – these will be within the corridor and in two of the treatment rooms.

This funding opportunity will not only help to create a more welcoming atmosphere, but will also allow them to provide distraction tools for babies and younger patients.

Examples of these include projectors and lava lamps that will no doubt make a huge difference to the children’s hospital experience.

Helen Higginson, WHH Charity fundraising manager, said: “Please help us make the most of this amazing opportunity and make a difference to the young people within our communities who may find themselves in pain and unwell.

“Support the Children Feel Better project today and vote now - we really do need you!”

Voting is open until November 21.

To vote visit whhcharity.org.uk/aviva.