THE first ever Women Shall Overcome event is being held in Widnes on Saturday.

Laura Bevan and Louise Nulty have joined forces to give focus and a voice to the women of Halton.

With live music from an all female line up of locals, Little Jo Waldron, Catherine Hardman, Jenny Colquitt and Mondegreen, the night will also see a fashion show featuring the original designs and produce from Maggie Moo’s and Frank & Biscuit.

Organiser Laura Bevan said: “We wanted to celebrate women and highlight the issues and needs of homeless women.

“I came across an amazing charity run by the women in one family who wanted to help homeless people, Hearts 4 Homeless.

“We are asking people to donate products that you would need to spend a night homeless and be able to stay clean and healthy.

"As a woman the thoughts of sleeping rough while having your period is horrific.”

The Studio manager Louise Nulty said: “It is very easy as a woman to get your head down and just ignore the difficulties you might encounter and sometimes not even realise that you are being affected.

“Linking it to the We Shall Overcome movement seemed the best way to highlight that women do suffer due to casual sexism on a daily basis and it isn’t always meant or understood but never the less it will wear you down.

“Women need to support each other, not excluding men but acknowledging that we can stand up together and there is still more to be before we really see equality in this country never mind the rest of the World.”

With an all female crew with Amy McCann from ie production services and bar staff the event is totally planned and run by women and will involve a local theatre company Moon Cup Theatre, stalls with information and crafts and art to buy and enjoy.

There will be food and Boozie teapot cocktails from 7pm on Saturday, October 14.

The products donated and raffle funds raised with be shared between Hearts 4 Homeless, Brennan & Halton Lodge Shelters and Nightstop.

There will be addresses from the groups and individuals involved and a few surprise happenings.

Everyone including men very welcome.