DANCE students are following in the footsteps of Robin Williams, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan and Whitney Houston.

A group of 15 young people from Runcorn stage school Theatreworks has been invited to perform at the Town Hall Theatre on Broadway in New York.

After nine months of intense rehearsals and fundraising, they are now putting the finishing touches to their intricate routines.

The costumes have just arrived and they make their debut in America on October 25.

Theatreworks principal and choreographer Glenda Hill said: “This theatre has played an integral part of the electrifying cultural fabric of New York for more than 90 years. Many famous faces have performed there.

“The process of preparations have been as fun and exciting as the event itself.”

The students aged nine to 16 will be travelling with their families and will be staging three shows.

Glenda said: “We wanted to show all aspects taught at Theatreworks in our pieces so have brought together three diverse routines that complement the student’s talents.

“We have a lyrical number that shows the school’s strengths in dance and singing.

“Another shows a fast, lively number where the students hope to bring the theatre alive and finally we have had a character based on computer games featuring characters such as Mario, Sonic and Pikachu.”

The group will celebrate afterwards with a trip to Carraghers and an evening meal together at Ellens Diner the following day.

The students include Alex Barker, Annie Timperley, Beth Brown, Colby Fisher, Emily Walker, Emma-Jane Kelley, Eva Burke, Isabella Cuthbert, Keira Mulcahy, Kiera Fisher, Leah Doherty, Millie Hayes, Mollie Campbell, Natasha Robertson and Ryan Coxon.