MAKING music as a full-time job would be a dream come true for a Runcorn DJ.

After years of trying to make his goal become a reality, Wesley Harding says he is now heading on the right track.

The 33-year-old is presenting his own radio show and has signed his DJ duo group, ‘Dirtie Deejayz’ with EML Recordings, a record label in London.

The former Heath School pupil studied music technology at Riverside College.

“I would love to make music all day,” said Wesley, from Brookvale.

“I produce my own music in a recording studio. I just like making music and playing music.

“I love electronic dance music. My style is more housey, chunky, techie.”

Wez is an avid Creamfields fan attending the Daresbury dance festival every year as a reveller.

“I would love to be a DJ at Creamfields,” he said. “It is hard to get gigs because there are so many DJs.

“But I will continue to play my own stuff and see if I could perhaps get some more bookings.

“I have recently gone solo under the alias WezH.”

In the meantime, to make a living, Wez has tried his hand all types of jobs, learning various new skills.

“I’ve worked on a farm,” he said. “I’ve been building kitchens and done some photography

“I am thrilled now to have my own radio show. I’m currently working on a name for my show plus an event to match.”

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