WATCHING butterflies being released at Halton Haven has inspired a musician to write a song.

Gareth Heesom has now produced his first single A Million Butterflies to raise funds for the hospice.

The 38-year-old guitarist was playing songs at the annual Tea at Three event in the summer.

“Seeing the butterflies being released was amazing,” said Gareth, from The Brow in Runcorn.

“I also witnessed the telling of a native American legend which states that to have a wish come true you should capture and tell your wish to the butterfly as butterflies will never tell anyone your wish.

“As you release the butterfly the great spirit will see that you have given freedom to such a beautiful thing. They are then able to see and grant your wish.”

Gareth and his wife Sue have four children Leah, Josh, Abbie and Austin.

He has worked as a finance manager for Halton Credit Union since it opened in 2012.

He started playing the guitar when he left school and began writing songs three years ago.

“I’m not classically trained, I’m self taught,” added Gareth. “I like playing folk, country and Americana music.

“My friend Neil Sanders is a driver at the hospice and also a musician.

“We have played at a few events at the haven.

“Everyone has friends and loved ones who have been there. They do a lot of good and always need our support. I’m hoping to raise as much money as possible for the haven.”

Gareth will be performing his song at the Light Up A Life evening at the hospice in December.

His single is released on October 27 and is now available for presale on Amazon at

It is also available on itunes, spotify and google.