A SCHOOLBOY has been described as having a ‘heart of gold’ for looking after a cat fatally injured in a road accident.

Sheldon Holdstock, 12, from Runcorn, found Mittens on the roadside in Brookvale after he had been run over by a car.

The cat belonged to six-year-old Logan Finley.

Logan’s mum Beth, of Oxmoor Close, Brookvale, said: “My son’s cat went missing. We searched everywhere for him. He usually sits on the fence but just disappeared.

“We found out that Sheldon had found him at the side of the road, took his t-shirt off and wrapped Mittens in it. He put him in a safe place so foxes couldn’t get at him until we were found.

“I would like to say a special thank you to him. This amazing 12-year-old has a heart of gold.

“It just shows that not all youths are trouble makers. He deserves recognition for what he has done.”

Sheldon rang the RSPCA who told him to notify Halton Council.

Beth, who has two dogs and two other cats, said Mittens had transformed the life of her son who has special needs.

“Logan used to be very quiet,” she said. “As soon as we got Mittens he started talking all the time.

“We had him for 10 months. It was hard trying to explain to Logan the reason why his best mate wasn’t coming home due to him having learning difficulties.

“We’re devastated that Mittens is gone but it was a great comfort knowing that Sheldon had taken care of him even though he was dead.

“There are not many kids or even adults who would do what he did.”