SCIENCE students learnt the physics behind some of the most exciting roller coasters in the UK during an educational visit to Alton Towers Theme Park.

The budding scientists at Cronton Sixth Form College enjoyed a lecture on the physics behind three white-knuckle rides, Oblivion, Rita and Enterprise.

The trip was arranged to demonstrate how the physics topics covered in lessons work in real life situations.

Students learnt about the force required to accelerate the rides, the centripetal force calculations required to make seatbelts unnecessary on Enterprise and the gravitational potential energy and g-forces of the Oblivion which has a 180 foot vertical drop.

The young scientists were able to try out the rides with a new understanding of how they function.

Ruth Mills, applied science lecturer, said “The students very much enjoyed the lecture.

“They were able to put the physics we have discussed in lessons in to real life situations. This will be a big help with the physics element of their course.”