A BEST-SELLING author hopes to inspire children to write their own stories.

Jeremy Strong is coming to Halton on Monday.

The 67-year-old writer will be talking to around 600 children from 13 schools at the Select Security Stadium.

He is also visiting Simms Cross Primary School in Widnes and will be talking to young people about his latest book, My Brother’s Famous Bottom Makes a Splash! published by Puffin.

Jeremy worked in a bakery, putting jam into three thousand doughnuts every night.

Now he bakes up ideas for stories which he finds much more exciting.

He loves writing stories because he said: "The only time you alone have complete control and can make anything happen".

His ambition is to make people laugh.

Dad-of-two Jeremy said: “When I was three I fell out of a first floor bedroom window and landed on my head. I had a ginormous headache, a broken right arm and spent a week in hospital.

“I think I was a bit accident prone as a child. I broke various bones and had stiches here, there and just about everywhere.”

The former primary school teacher lives near Bath with his wife, Gillie, four cats and a flying cow.

“I have always loved making things up and writing stories,” he added. “Writing and visiting schools, libraries and book festivals up and down the UK and right across the world, I think I have the best job ever.”

His new book is a new adventure for Nicholas and his family. They’re off on holiday to Turkey.

But with Cheese and Tomato causing chaos with stray tortoises, dad having to be rescued by the lifeguard, and mum setting off the hotel sprinkler system with her belly-dancing routine, rest and relaxation are not on the cards.