COULD 2017 be the last time fans head to Wembley for the Challenge Cup final?

That's the question on supporters' lips today after a national newspaper reported Super League chief executive Roger Draper is currently negotiating with the national stadium. 

He has been quoted in the Guardian as saying: “We’re conscious that the Challenge Cup has lost its shine.

"It’s probably become our third biggest property. Magic Weekend has overtaken it in terms of fans and we’re conscious of that.

"There’s a lot we’ve got to sit down and discuss. We’ll look at all the available options and safeguard the event.

“We’re in the thick of renegotiating with Wembley. We’ve reached an agreement for 2017 which is great but we’ll sit down with them over the summer and chat about 2018 onwards.

"We associate the cup final with Wembley and it would take a brave man to move it away from there but, having said that, you’ve got to look at everything and make sure it all stacks up for us.”

The news follows reports Super League is also looking to move Magic Weekend away from Newcastle with a number of grounds across the country being taken into consideration.  

Roger Draper added: “We’re doing a review at the moment of where we go for 2018 and then where we go for 2019 to 2021.

“It’s a good time to be doing it because the London stadium market is pretty strong at the moment – you’ve got Tottenham with a new stadium and Chelsea with a new stadium – Liverpool was a big success for the Four Nations final, and there is Manchester and the Etihad which has always been a favourite with the fans.

“You’ve also got Leeds, Newcastle and new venues like Coventry so there’s a lot of opportunities there for us.”