THE pitter-patter of tiny hooves has heralded the arrival of baby deer at Knowsley Safari.

Visitors may catch a glimpse of Père David’s deer and Eland herds celebrating new arrivals.

In the first couple of weeks the Père David’s fawns remain hidden from view, with visits from their mothers for feeding.

After this they start to graze with the herd at three weeks old.

Eland calves can often be spotted surrounded by the wildebeest as they become quite fond and protective of the newborns in their early stages.

Once they find their feet visitors will see these playful creatures jumping and bouncing around as they play together.

Eveline de Wolf, head of animal collection at Knowsley Safari said: “With the start of Easter, the babyboom at Knowsley Safari is well and truly underway.

“As we see lots more babies on the drive our animal team is focusing on checking on our newest members at a distance and making sure mum and baby are doing well.

“It’s an exciting time as you start to see lots of different behaviours among the herds and we usually witness some unexpected baby bonding in our mixed species habitats.”

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