DRIVERS who kill people on the roads are being targeted in a new campaign.

Police today launched a special operation to clamp down on motorists who drink and drug drive, drive at excessive speed, do not wear seatbelts or misuse technology while driving – the four main causes of death and injuries on Cheshire’s roads.

Tragically, there have been a number of serious and fatal collisions across the county during the past few weeks which are currently being investigated and shows how important it is for officers to ensure motorists are driving safely on Cheshire’s roads.

Inspector Steve Griffiths of Cheshire Police’s Taskforce Operations, said: “Reducing serious and fatal collisions on our roads remains our biggest priority.

“We look out for the fatal four every day when policing the county’s roads and we take action whenever we come across drivers who are committing these offences.

“But operations like these enable us to focus our efforts and educate motorists about how their driving can have an impact on not only themselves, but other road users such as motorbikes and cyclists.”

Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “During my conversations with Cheshire residents road safety has been an issue that has been frequently raised as a local priority and it is essential that our police service takes a pro-active role in keeping the county’s roads safe.

“Irresponsible behaviour behind the wheel can have wide reaching effects.

“I fully support the Fatal Four campaign and the work being undertaken to ensure our roads are safe for everyone in our communities.

“Educating motorists is an important part of this work but where people choose to ignore the law and impact on the safety of others it is only right that action is taken.”

The Constabulary’s campaign has been timed to run alongside the national traffic information system police European seatbelt campaign.