A WIDNES family business is still blooming 40 years after it first opened.

Rona the Flower Shop is celebrating its milestone birthday in September after serving the community since 1976.

The business still stands in the original building on Widnes Road with the only thing changing being the owner.

First established in September 1976, Rona the flower shop was opened by husband and wife, Frank and Rona Leather from Widnes, who were in their 30s at the time.

Rona was a florist and arranged flowers with her dad for many years before opening the shop.

When the couple retired in 2010, daughter-in-law Louise, 45, from Runcorn, bought the shop after wanting to run her own business for many years.

Louise, wife of Ian, kept the same team of staff, with more than 60 years of combined experience working in the shop, including florist Jacqueline Thornett, from Widnes, employed at the business since it opened.

Two other florists, Emma Cochrane and Claire Choat, both from Widnes, are assisted by Saturday girl Megan Lunt and drivers Bob Quilliam and Ian Darlington, who ensure each arrangement is delivered on time to the highest quality.

Although the business still stands in the original building, Rona the Flower Shop has evolved to keep up with trends, taking on board new techniques and design styles, as well as being able to access new flowers.

Louise believes that the secret to a long lasting business is a quality team who provide top class customer care and trust.

She said: “Always do anything you can for your customers, allow them to put their trust in you with the quality and care that goes into their flowers and the delivery of them.”

Commemorative gift packs with notepads and pens are being presented with deliveries to customers to mark the 40th anniversary.