A LUCKY man from Runcorn is celebrating today after scooping the top prize of £300,000 on The National Lottery Cash Lines Scratchcard.

Arthur Lund, aged 36, who works at a takeaway pizza restaurant, bought the winning scratchcard on his way to work with loose change in his pocket.

He said: “I buy scratchcards every now and again when I’ve got a spare pound or two. I was feeling particularly lucky that day and noticed the Cash Lines Scratchcard, which is one I’ve never bought before, so thought I’d try my luck before starting my shift.

“I decided to wait until I got to work before I got scratching. When I did, I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

"I had to keep checking and double-checking that what I was seeing was actually real. I couldn’t believe it.

“It took ages to sink in, and only became a reality once I’d spoken to The National Lottery. I called right away to check if I really had won. It wasn’t until it was confirmed I had won that it started to feel real.

“Straight after, I called a friend to share the amazing news. It took a while to convince him that I really had won big and wasn’t winding him up.”

Arthur, who has lived in Runcorn his entire life, has now begun to plan how he will spend his winnings, with a trip to Turkey firmly at the top of his shopping list.

He added: “Some of my closest friends live in Marmaris, Turkey, so I can’t wait to pay them a visit and take a holiday soon. I’m also going to use some of the cash to put down a deposit on a new home and am really keen to hit the road and begin driving lessons.

“I’ve had a few small wins in the past, but never thought I would be lucky enough to win a prize of this scale. It’s really going to change my life forever.”

“There will definitely be a celebration party on the cards with some close friends and family – with a few bottles of champagne too!”

The winning Scratchcard cost £3 and was bought from The Co-operative store at Runcorn old town.