A PROFESSIONAL actor from Widnes is appearing in a thought-provoding new production.

Anna Hudson co-wrote Young and Suicidal and appears as Natalie in the drama, which will be staged at Liverpool's Lantern Theatre in Blundell Street at 7.30pm from August 26-29.

Anna said: "The aim of Young and Suicidal is to explore the very topical issue of suicide, particularly in young people addressing the impact on all involved."

After finding his dad hanged in the garage, Smith becomes infatuated with the idea of following in his father's footsteps and killing himself.

Two years later, he places an advert on the internet searching for a suicide partner. Natalie answers.

As an unlikely friendship unfolds, the pair plan how to end their own lives. But nothing ever goes to plan, not even your own death.

To book e-mail jamma.s@cloud.com or visit lanterntheatreliverpool.co.uk/events/young-and-suicidal/.