TRAVELLING from London to Paris you would automatically think Eurostar, flight or ferry.

But for Dave Kershaw the only way to get there was by tackling an extreme triathlon covering an 87 mile run from London to Dover, swim across the Channel to France then cycle the 181 mile route to Paris.

The 26-year-old who is usually found putting clients through their paces at The Heath Business and Technical Park’s leisure suite in Runcorn, tackled the solo bid to conquer the Arch to Arc Challenge.

“Extreme endurance events aren’t something I’ve ever really planned to do,” said Dave. “I started out with bikes, BMXs. Then I got a road bike. I met a triathlete who said I had the physique for triathlons and it’s just gone from there.”

Dave has previously swam the Channel in 2011 and had a triple Enduroman win to his name in 2011 so is no stranger to endurance challenges.

But this one - again organised by Enduroman, was his toughest yet.

And when it came to setting off on July 26 he was faced with running in temperatures of more than 30 degrees.

It took him 27 hours and 19 minutes to run to Dover, the swim took 17 hours and 57minutes then riding from Calais to Paris took 19 hours and five minutes.

Speaking afterwards he said: “The swim is the hardest thing I have ever done. I really had to dig deep.

“Getting on to a bike and sitting upright after swimming in a horizontal position for so long, can be quite challenging. It can make you quite dizzy. Then, in France of course, I was cycling on the wrong side of the road.”

Mum Marie, dad Richard, brother Peter and close family friend, Peter all supported him and girlfriend Robyn greeted him at the finish line.

Dave said: “I am exhausted but delighted to have finished. I would like to thank Enduroman, my parents and support crew for all of their help.”

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