HALTON Borough Council will be closing some roads and footpaths during the Creamfields festival from Friday.

The affected roads are:

  1.  Daresbury Lane from Hall Lane to Entrance of Commonside Farm.
  2. Old Chester Road closed from the junction with Daresbury Bypass.
  3. Old Chester Road - prohibition of driving except for access at Ring ‘O’ Bells Pub.
  4. Newton Lane - one way in eastbound direction only for the duration of the event and will be reversed for the egress phase from the junction with A56 to its junction with Summer Lane.
  5. Chester Road - a 40mph speed limit on the A56 from M56 junction 11 to the borough boundary with Warrington. 

The affected footpaths are:

  1. Footpath No1 in its entire length.
  2. Footpath No 3 from its junction with footpath 3A to the borough boundary.
  3. Footpath 3A for its entire length.
  4. Footpath 8 for its entire length.
  5. Footpath No12 Hatton, Gosling Close from its junction with Hatton Lane to its junction with Goose Lane.