HALTON will get more than 340 new homes thanks to funding for both Halton Housing Trust (HHT) and Liverpool Housing Trust (LHT) 

HHT has been given a £6,199,000 Affordable Homes Grant funding by the Home and Communities Agency to build 290 new homes in the borough, to be completed by 2018.

While LHT has been given £1.1 million in funding towards a £6 million project which will create almost 50 new homes.

Paul Mullane, director of development and investment for HHT said: "We’re really pleased to have received our largest  HCA allocation to date following the announcement of the HCA’s Affordable Homes Programme and we are looking forward to the exciting prospect of delivering a further 290 new affordable homes across Halton. 

"In addition to the 312 new homes we are currently in the process of developing, we’re aiming to build over 500 additional  new homes by 2020 and the allocation of this funding will allow us to progress towards that target, which is a great result for the trust and the borough."

Gill Ferris, head of development at Symphony Housing Group, said: “Runcorn is an area where we’re looking to invest more money and the development will provide much-needed affordable housing for people in need.

“LHT already owns a lot of homes in the Runcorn area and this funding will mean we can continue to invest in our neighbourhoods.

“One of the sites we are looking at has stood empty for a number of years. We’ve been working with the council on the design proposals so that they will complement the area and improve it for the whole community.”

LHT managing director Sue Westwater added: “We’re delighted to have received this funding from the HCA because it means we can provide more quality, affordable homes for families.

“This is more important than ever before, with research this year highlighting a major housing shortage in the north west, with house prices and private rents out of reach for many local people.”