A WIDNES man has won a bronze medal at the Westfield Health British Transplant Games. 

Mark Allen, who last month won double gold medal and a silver at the European Heart and Lung Transplant Games in Vilnius, Lithuania, added the bronze table tennis medal to his collection.

The Halton Borough Council media officer, aged 42,  a former journalist, born in Lichfield, who has less than 30 per cent lung capacity of a 'normal' person, represented Newcastle Freeman Hospital in the table tennis singles in the British champtionships.

He has now won medals in each of the ten transplant competitions he has entered since 2007.

He said: "The medal was nice. It is  harder and harder each year as there are more competitors and I am competing with people who are a lot less disadvantaged than me.

"It was lovely to see people from my team and other teams I only see once a year. It is not only the transplantees but the families and friends of them, which make it special."