AT 10-years-old you could find most girls listening to the latest One Direction album in their spare time.

But Maci Johnson is not your typical 10-year-old and her remarkable efforts in helping others has seen her rewarded by reaching the top 10 finalists in the Build-A-Bear Workshop Huggable Heroes awards.

Maci, of Willow Avenue, Appleton, Widnes, was nominated by her cousin Beth Pennington for the work she does with a community sports group for children with disabilities.

The St Bede's Catholic Junior School pupil said: "My cousin didn't tell me at first, she kept it a secret. I found out when they called to say I was in the top 50.

"I didn't really know what was going on when they called. I was happy though because my cousin had chosen me."

She decided to help other children with disabilities after seeing a boy being bullied due to his learning disabilities.

"I told my mum about it and she said I should go to the club for children with disabilities to help them," Maci added. "I go to the group for children with disabilities and there's all children come in and do sports like basketball and football but I help them to do it because some times it's hard for them to do it.

"I sometimes set up little games for them to do and help run the tuck shop.

"I like helping out at the club because they all enjoy playing."

Now she is waiting to find out if she has been chosen as one of 10 youngsters from around the world to win.

Maci said: "It would mean a lot to win. I try and do what I can but it's really a good thing to help out."

Each Huggable Hero will get £3,000 educational scholarship, and a £1,500 donation to a charity of their choice.