OUT of stock prescriptions were among the experiences the head of Runcorn-based Rowlands Pharmacy came across when he went back to the shop floor.

Managing director Kenny Black donned a disguise to take part in Channel 4's Undercover Boss series and last week the TV show aired showing him following pharmacy and warehouse staff on their day-to-day business.

Posing as a new employee, Kenny had cameras following him for a week as he travelled around different departments in the business.

When a patient’s prescription was out of stock Kenny Black saw first hand how this was impacting the front line.

He said: “I knew pharmacies not getting the level of stock required due to the national shortages we are all facing was happening, but seeing this incident impacting this particular patient was not acceptable and drove the issue home.

“I will be doing everything I can to ensure that our patients can access the medicines they need.”

Rowlands, based on Rivington Road, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, has 510 pharmacies and depots across the country and he decided to go undercover to get 'a real insight and understanding of the challenges facing the company'.

He added: "The TV crew decided what to film and had full editorial control, but I know our pharmacy teams and they deserved the recognition that I believed the programme would give them.

“The passion, effort, dedication and commitment to their patients was incredibly humbling, which the cameras truly captured.

“This was the perfect way for me to witness first hand and really learn about what we may need to do to improve life across the company. The process has by no means ended now the show has aired. The work has just begun for my colleagues and myself. "