COME 3pm on Sunday nails will be bitten, nerves will be jangling and the hopes will reach beyond the stratosphere as the Vikings dare to go all the way.

They are just 80 minutes away from a date with Wembley.

Fans heading to Leigh Sports Village for the clash against Castleford Tigers will be backing them all the way and will be paying their respects to legendary club volunteer Pat Price at the same time.

Vikings supporter Nicola Thomas has worked with the official kit sponsors O'Neills to design a T-shirt in honour of Pat.

She first came up with the idea on the club's Facebook page to design a T-shirt with Pat's face and white hair as a focal point.

“I just posted the idea on Facebook and so many fans just got right behind it,” Nicola said.

“I contacted the club about doing the T-shirt independently but obviously didn’t know about the guidelines for the brand. Brian O’Connor, Vikings director of marketing, came back to me and said he would be happy for me to work with the O’Neills on it. He’s stepped aside and let us get on with it and we’re made up with what has been achieved.”

The tops are on sale at the Viking Superstore based in Tesco Extra Widnes.

Nicola is now urging fans to ‘bring Pat with them to the semi-final’.

She added: “Pat would have been there for the semi-final at Leigh Sports Village for our game with Castleford, she won’t be which is a really sad but in other respects she’ll be on the chests of hopefully loads of Widnes fans who will buy the t-shirt.

“O’Neills have been great. I’ve swapped emails with their team about the design and they’ve incorporated our ideas. It’s been great working with them on this and they deserve a lot of credit for helping us get to where we are today. From the initial idea to the product landing at Widnes has been two-weeks – we’re delighted.”