A DREAM has come true for a former professional dancer.

Kaye Green, aged 49, has performed all over the world and appeared in the film, Jude The Obscure with Christopher Ecclestone and Kate Winslett as an extra.

But her one ambition since she was a Fairfield schoolgirl has always been to own a horse.

She now has two, Rupert, an old Dutch warm blood horse who is 34, and a shire horse, Daisy, who has just won best horse in show at a prestigious Supreme Showdown competition.

The victory is particularly special for Kaye as she has battled major depression throughout her life.

She lost her parents, Winnie and Ronnie, when she was a teenager and has now been diagnosed with bipolar.

Kaye, from Hough Green, said: "It has been difficult. I never got a chance to show them what I did with my life. I didn't get a chance to prove myself."

Kaye had a horse riding accident and two crashes on a scooter within 18 months but never gave up on her equestrian dream.

She ran various businesses in Widnes including a sandwich shop in Cronton and a fancy dress and hair extension shop in Widnes.

She said: "My horses are really therapeutic. They give me a focus. I have to get two buses to go and look after them.

"It is hard going but once I get there and give them cuddles on the field, I feel great. I've always had a love of horses.

"I'm so proud to be part of the shire horse society which is full of truly amazing, genuine people."