A DREAM has come true for a courageous Runcorn mum.

Mum-of-two Karan Waller, who is battling a brain tumour asked Alan Tichmarsh to revive their tiny garden to thank her husband, Ian, aged 38, for all his support.

Millions of viewers watched the garden guru and his horticultural team transform it into a flower-filled oasis on ITV’s Love Your Garden, with butterflies to remind her of her mum, June Lloyd, who died recently.

Karan, aged 37, said: “I absolutely loved it. I can’t describe how lovely the flowers make me feel when I’m out there. It just makes me feel more at ease. If I have a bad time I just go and sit in the garden.”

She was diagnosed with a low grade astrocyloma after collapsing at home in 2009.

Despite surgery, the growth returned and surgeons have told her they can’t operate again.

Karan said: “I’ve had radiotherapy which has stopped it growing. I’ve got my next scan in December. I’m trying to make the most of my life.”

Surgery damaged her memory so much, she couldn’t recognise her children, Charly, aged eight, and Harriet, aged five.

Photographs have helped to restore happy family memories.

Karan said: “I try not to think what is going to happen. It is hard but I’ve got family and friends who encourage me to stay positive.

“I do get really tired and my memory is absolutely terrible.

“I have been very lucky. My husband is my rock. I don’t know what I’d do without him.”