A WIDNES patient has thanked staff at Whiston Hospital for his care in poetry.

Dennis Connolly, aged 85,  has spent six weeks receiving treatment for a heart condition on ward 5B.

Mr Connolly said: “I have been in hospital a long time and have witnessed first-hand how hard all of the staff work. The nurses, doctors, therapists, catering staff, and domestics all inspire me pick up my pen.

“They have all been really lovely to me and this is just my small way of letting them know how much I appreciate all they have done for me.”

Mr Connolly has always enjoyed poetry but has taken to writing more since his retirement.

Here is his poem called Wonderful Whiston:

Today I am in Whiston

And I am in Ward 5B

Getting first class treatment

From folk looking after me

The ambulance driver drove like mad

That he almost blew a piston

Speeding along the country lanes

Whilst on his way to Whiston

Part of the treatment I am on

I very rarely get a kip

Until someone comes to wake me up

For my antibiotic drip

Believe me all these girls are good

And I’m not one to boast

But they wake me up with my porridge

And my marmalade on toast

Anything you just ask these girls

Cos nothing is too much trouble

They will do anything you want

And do it at the double

So if in the future you are sick

And you are looking for first class care

Then go to Ward 5B in Whiston

Cos all the care you need is there