A NOBEL Prize winner shared his passion for science with Widnes schoolchildren.

Bolton-born chemist Professor Sir Harry Kroto hosted two exciting events at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre.

He was knighted for his contributions to chemistry in 1996 and received the prestigious Nobel Prize for chemistry for the discovery of C60 Buckminsterfullerene, a new form of carbon.

As patron of Catalyst, he led a workshop for pupils from West Bank and St Bede’s and hosted a reception.

Education manager Phill Day said “It was amazing to see children in the presence of a Nobel Prize Laureate for chemistry who clearly understood and remembered what it was like to be a child with an aspiration to succeed.

“Professor Kroto’s enthusiasm rubbed off on these children as they then constructed ‘Buckyball’ models of the carbon that he so famously discovered.”

Sir Kroto said: “I am so pleased that the children were inspired as that makes my travels worthwhile.”

He said he was very impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of staff and the work being done to excite children about science.

He vowed to promote Catalyst as he travels all over the world.

Sir Kroto and his wife, Margaret met trustees, sponsors and invited guests Trustee, Runcorn-born scientist Dr Diana Leitch MBE said: “Sir Harry is hugely generous with his time and absolutely devoted to encouraging children to take an interest in science.

“We were so pleased that Catalyst was able to offer this opportunity to the Widnes children.”

For details of forthcoming events, visit catalyst.org.uk.