TWO more premises in Widnes have been awarded ArcAngel status, bringing the total number in the area to 14.

Licensing officer PC Chris Carney said: "It’s great to be able to add two more names to the growing number of ArcAngel accredited premises in Widnes.

“By working together with the establishments in the town we are able to continue to help people feel safe when they are out enjoying themselves in the area."

ArcAngel protected town status recognises Widnes as a safe night time economy area, where people can be reassured that the accredited licensed premises they visit are well managed, regulated and safe places to enjoy a night out.

Widnes became ArcAngel protected in December, 2011.

ArcAngel is the joint approach to tackling alcohol-related crime between Cheshire Police and a range of other agencies, including local councils, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and NHS trusts.

The brand name is derived from the acronym ARC – alcohol-related crime and ‘angels’ who historically are strong cultural icons.

Andy Williams, stronger communities manager and force lead for ArcAngel said: “Tackling alcohol related problems such as violent conduct and anti-social behaviour is a priority for all the agencies and partners endorsing ArcAngel.

“A key element of the success of ArcAngel is the involvement of local residents and the premises themselves, supporting the work of the agencies.

“The award recognises the achievements of the private and public sector organisations who have been working together to improve public safety.”

For more information about ArcAngel, visit the Cheshire Police website