YOUNG people living in Hale have captured images from the village as part of a special project.

They learnt new photo editing skills as they took pictures of their favourite places.

Their photographs were put on display in an exhibition at Hale Youth Centre.

Villagers of all ages were invited to come and look at their work.

Luke Hamid, aged 11, who took part in the project, said: "We got to do lots of interesting things like editing our photos and I also enjoyed walking round Hale taking them.

“I have made lots of friends at Hale Youth Centre and I can’t wait to see what we will be doing next”.

Halton Clr Mike Wharton, a treasurer of the youth centre building, said: "The photographic exhibition was a credit to all involved.

"It was clear that the young people had put a lot of time and effort into the photographs and there were some fantastic views of the village."

The Mayor of Halton, Clr Shaun Osborne and Lord Mayor of Hale Brian Hargreaves were among guests at the exhibition.

Phil McClure, a youth worker at Halton youth provision said “This was a great project to help young people look at their village in a different light and to connect with their community.

"Not only have they produced some stunning images they have had a chance to consider the area in which they live and to appreciate the beauty of the place and its people.

“It was great to see villagers, young and old, celebrating the young people’s efforts here at the youth centre.”

The club is organised by Catch22 on behalf of Halton’s Children’s Trust and Halton Council as part of an on-going commitment to improve opportunities for all children and young people living in the borough.