TWO new deacons have been appointed in Widnes.

Laura Leatherbarrow from St Luke’s Farnworth, St Ambrose and St John’s and Greg Sharples from St Mary’s Hale and St Paul’s Widnes joined were ordained by the Bishop of Warrington, Richard Blackburn.

They joined nine other deacons from across the Liverpool diocese at a service in Liverpool Cathedral on Sunday, July 6.

Ordination in the Church of England is a two part process.

The order of Deacon enables them to perform certain duties such as baptism.

They then spend a year working as an assitant to a vicar.

Once ordained, they can celebrate Holy Communion.

Bishop Blackburn said: “Ordination is an important milestone. It marks the culmination of a period of discernment, selection and training.

“It shows the candidates ready to offer themselves for a new period of service for the church.

“I am always pleased to be part of these services was we recognise and equip new leaders for service in the church.”