MUSICAL talent can help you to become a successful entrepreneur, new research has revealed.

SOG, who runs The Heath Business and Technical Park has discovered that many business leaders were accomplished musicians.

The subject was explored at a science of music event in Runcorn as part of Liverpool’s International Festival of Business.

Guest speaker Aaron Williamon, head of performance science at the Royal College of Music, said: “Performing music at the highest of international levels requires mastery of a wide array of skills.

“Across the domains of memory, physical dexterity, emotional engagement and stress management, musicians have a long and distinguished track record of redefining the upper limits of human intellectual and physical achievement.

“It can translate into business, teaching, learning, academics and industry.”

Many leading professionals have been accomplished musicians.

In a video link at the event, former Government Minister Stephen Norris said SOG had identified numerous examples of top professionals who are excellent musicians.

He said: “President Bill Clinton played the saxophone, American secretary of state Condoleeza Rice studied to be a concert pianist, “Larry Page who founded Google played the saxophone, while Justin Timberlake is not only a singer and songwriter but also a successful business entrepreneur.

“Brian May, legendary guitarist from Queen, studied physics and maths at Imperial College.

“Brian Cox may be better known for presenting science on TV, but came to fame originally as the keyboard player in D:Ream.

“Prince Charles plays cello, piano and trumpet.”

SOG believes further study is needed to understand how the skills and techniques of playing a musical instrument can be channelled positively into business.