A RUNCORN medical company is equipping staff with their own defibrillators to become lifesavers.

ZOLL, an international medical corporation which specialises in resuscitation, invited the North West Ambulance Service to train 19 employees with the life-saving equipment.

Community resuscitation manager David McNally ran the course at the company’s HQ in Seymour Court, Manor Park.

ZOLL is loaning a defibrillator worth £1,295 to everyone who completed the training.

Anna Cross, marketing executive, said: “The ambulance service has been really supportive of our initiative and they were happy to work with us as we have a close relationship with them.

“The idea is for staff to keep their defibrillators either in their cars or at home, so they will be able to use them if an emergency arises.

“Many of our staff have children who play in sports teams, so it will be brilliant to have this sort of equipment immediately available in case an incident was to ever occur.

While Anna believes the awareness of defibrillators has increased, it is thought that widespread use of the equipment is still some way off.

She added: “Certain areas of the country are being helped by local government with the funding of defibrillators and other resuscitation equipment, but I think more can be done.

“It would be extremely beneficial if basic life support skills and CPR were put on the national curriculum, so eventually everyone would have at least some background.”

Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of unexpected death all over the world.

Survival can improve dramatically if victims are given defibrillation.