CLASSICAL musicians who have performed for the royal family are staging a unique concert in Runcorn tomorrow, Thursday, June 26.

Ariel Gragnani, an accomplished classical and latin guitarist, saxophone player Charlotte Harding and guitarist Declan Zapala will also be playing at The Heath Business and Technical Park as part of the Liverpool’s International Festival of Business.

John Lewis, managing director of SOG Ltd, owners of The Heath, believes the wide range of skills required to be a musician can translate to other walks of life and he wants to encourage a detailed study into the subject.

Guest speaker Professor Aaron Williamon, head of performance science at London’s prestigious Royal College of Music, will discuss how musical prowess can help you to be proficient in the world of business.

Mr Lewis, who is himself a keen amateur musician and whose son Ryan plays in popular Liverpool-based band The Hummingbirds, said: “I’m fascinated by the science of music and have been talking to colleagues and friends for many years about how the skills of talented musicians can be applied to other channels of life, such as alternative careers or hobbies.

“For example, could the skills of a pianist be adapted to enable them to become an air traffic controller?

"It’s worthy of further investigation and I hope our event will stimulate the debate and hopefully encourage an academic study into this immensely interesting topic.”

The Heath’s ‘Science of Music’ event will be staged before a specially invited audience.

The award-winning Vasara String Quartet, which was formed just two years ago at the Royal College of Music and has performed for the Prince of Wales, will be performing.

Vasara has given recitals at many of the UK’s top concert venues including Wigmore Hall and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

They also won the coveted first prize in the Benjamin Britten intercollegiate string quartet competition.