CAMPAIGNERS have pledged to fight the proposed bridge toll charges in Halton.

More than 100 residents attended the action group’s first meeting in Runcorn on Saturday.

University student Jodi Pearce, aged 34, from Murdishaw, a member of the campaign group, who works at 02, said: “It went fantastically well. We had residents and businesses from Widnes and Runcorn.

“Our aim is to for people to be able to travel throughout the borough without being restricted or having to pay.

“We call it ‘the bridge’ because it is so engrained in our daily lives. Parents go over several times a day bringing children to football, swimming and ballet lessons. People who work or study go back and to.

“We have so many shared services, the hospital, shops, leisure. They want us to pay for the privilege of moving from one part of the borough to another. This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the country.”

The group’s next public meeting is at 11am on Saturday, July 12 at Millbrow Snooker and Social Club in Widnes.