AS the World Cup kicks off this evening, Cheshire Police is encouraging Halton residents to enjoy themselves and keep safe throughout the tournament.

Anyone thinking of celebrating with alcohol is urged to take a few simple precautions.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said:”As the matches are being played in Brazil, the differences in time zones mean that the games will kick off later on in the evening than we would normally be used to.

“If you are planning on having a drink during any of the matches you will need to think about the fact that there may still be alcohol in your system the next morning.

“Don’t get caught out thinking you are under the limit for driving when you may actually be over on the morning after the match. “Plan your morning’s journey to work, the school run or wherever with this in mind.

“Drink responsibly, think about how alcohol affects you. Alcohol can heighten emotions leading to people becoming quicker to anger and more physical or emotional. Alcohol is a major contributing factor in many of the calls that Cheshire Police receive involving violent behaviour.

“If you are out drinking you should always be in control and aware of your surroundings and situation. Don’t allow yourself to become a target for any form of crime because you are not conscious of what is happening around you or your possessions. Remember to be a good friend and look out for your mates as well.

“Alcohol can impair judgment, a few drinks may lead to a decision or course of action you later regret.

Cheshire Police will be working alongside ArcAngel accredited premises to ensure that people out enjoying themselves during the tournament are able to feel safe and be safe at all times.

The ArcAngel initiative is a joint partnership between Cheshire Police and a range of agencies aimed at tackling alcohol-related crime.

Since the launch of ArcAngel in March 2012, more than 180 premises across Halton and Cheshire have signed up to the initiative.

For more information on ArcAngel premises or other alcohol related advice visit