A PASSION has blossomed into a new career for a former Runcorn carer.

Anita Moorefield, aged 46, was looking after her husband, Barry, aged 54, as he battled oesophageal cancer four years ago.

When Halton Carers Centre discovered she loved flowers, they arranged for her to go on a flower arrangers’ workshop to give her a break.

Anita enjoyed it so much, she went to college, gained all her qualifications and opened a florist’s shop, Anita’s Blossoming Flowers in Balfour Street six months ago.

Her husband has recovered and now works with her, using his photography hobby to personalise gifts, coasters, bags and pens.

Anita, from Weston Point, who worked in administration at Astro Zeneca pharmaceuticals for 20 years, said: “It is a dream.

“I just love making people smile. Flowers are so beautiful and create such a cheery atmosphere. My favourite flowers are sunflowers. My shop is full of them.

“Going back to college was challenging, learning all the botanical names for exams.

“We thought long and hard about opening a business in the current climate but we don’t regret it. It’s hard work but it’s lovely for us to work together.”

Her husband is a hospital volunteer helping cancer patients undergoing surgery.

Anita added:”He received so much support when he needed it, he wants to give something back.

“We received a lot of support from the community. I’m hoping to work with schools, businesses and churches.

“The fact this all came out of Barry being ill makes it more special.”

Former Mayor of Halton, Clr Margaret Ratcliffe, who opened Anita's shop, was invited back to receive a bouquet to thank her for all her help and support.

Clr Ratcliffe said: "This is a dream Anita's always had.

"It was great to start her off six months ago. She has done marvellously well.

"It's a lovely story after her husband had cancer.

"I tried to give her some connections through my Mayoral role of people in business I have met along the way.

"I was really touched that she invited me to come along to say thank you and presented me with some flowers. I hope she does really well."