PETROLHEADS can now get their fix with the environment in mind thanks to the UK’s first all-electric off-road riding centre.

E-SCAPE, opened in Preston Brook earlier this month, is a seven-acre bespoke site comprised of both junior and advanced tracks to cater for all levels of ability.

The custom motorcycles are capable of reaching 0-30mph in less than three seconds, and all with no noise or emissions.

Children as young as six are welcome to enrol on a progressive training programme under the supervision of ACU approved instructors.

Stuart Rutter, founder of E-SCAPE, said: “We’ve been encouraged by the start we have made and particularly with the range of people we have had in.

“The perception that it is a male dominated, testosterone-filled thing turns a lot of people off, but we’re proving that is not necessarily the case.”

The site was built on land Stuart had grown up on, but he admits it was a struggle to get the project off the ground.

The 50-year-old, who has been involved in developing electric motorcycles in the past, now hopes his venture will encourage more people to get involved.

He added: “Electric motorcycling in the UK is way behind our European neighbours and with riding areas under threat from noise, E-SCAPE offers a blueprint for a new and more accessible direction for the sport.

“Even those who were initially against the idea have seemed to warm to it now.”