A FIRST aider has been hailed a ‘heart hero’ for saving a pensioner’s life.

Runcorn mum-of-three Lynn Cowsill, aged 50, manager of a charity shop, called an ambulance when she spotted a customer looking unwell.

Retired chemist George Robinson, aged 66, returned to the Age UK store in Warrington to thank her for her ‘quick actions’.

Hospital doctors said if his atrial fibrillation condition had gone undiagnosed it could have led to a serious stroke or heart attack.

The Great Sankey granddad said: “I can’t thank Lynne and the staff at the hospital enough. When I went back to say thank you she said ‘We do hugs here rather than shaking hands’.

“I wasn’t feeling well and she must have realised immediately.

“I’m okay now but if it hadn’t been for her I could have just got up and walked off and then been in a bad way next time it happened.”

Lynne, from the town hall estate, who used to teach CPR, said: “His eyes gave it away and he said he had chest pains. His pulse was racing and he told me he had had a heart attack in the past and had stents fitted.

“I thought it was better to be on the safe side and call him an ambulance.

“I joined the charity to help people. It’s a wonderful feeling to do that but I’m no hero nor an angel. I only did what any trained first aider would do.

“I am a massive advocate of CPR and think it should be taught in schools.”

Lynne has been married to Peter for 30 years and has four grandchildren.